The Experience

Summer camp is an American tradition like no other. Located in some of the most beautiful areas of the United States, our network of summer camps provide a unique opportunity to experience the outdoors while making an impact on the lives of children.

As a Camp Counselor, you will be a role model for the campers in your cabin. You’ll have the chance to share your own culture while immersing yourself in this uniquely American experience. Most summer camps are traditional, co-ed sleep-away camps, but our network also includes:

Counselor and child swimming

Traditional Camps

Counselor and children playing soccer

All Boys/Girls Camps

Counselor and child in a wheelchair playing badminton

Special Needs Camps

Counselor and child reading a book with a cross on the cover

Faith-Based Camps

2 people with a guitar around a campfire

Camps for At-Risk Youth

A Day In The Life Of A Camp Counselor

No two days as a Camp Counselor are the same! Your campers will look to you for support as you help to make every day at camp unforgettable. "One day you could be teaching your campers how to build a fire, while the next you're rehearsing an act for the camp talent show!"

You’ll bond with campers, make new friends from all around the world, learn things you never thought you would, and more! This really only scratches the surface of the incredible experience you can only get from being a Camp Counselor.

Exploring America After Camp

The Camp USA program also includes a 30- day travel period after you finish working at camp. This is a hugely popular part of the J-1 Camp Counsellor program, and we highly recommend you take this opportunity to explore!

Kayak down the Colorado River through the hidden depths of the iconic Grand Canyon, gaze in awe at the lights of Times Square in New York City, or hit the waves and relax with friends and locals down on the white sandy beaches of Miami and LA. America will be yours to discover. Come and see what you’ve been missing all this time. We’re waiting!

Counselor jumping in front of an American flag
Counselors posing in front of Texas flag
Participant overlooking skyline
Participant with Brazilian flag in Grand Central Station
Participant sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge
Participants on a boat with the American flag
Participant with Honey Davenport
Participant with Brooklyn Bridge

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