What You Pay

There is no fee to start an application. After you submit your application and it is accepted, you can begin your search for the perfect camp! Fees will then need to be paid before we can start the visa process.

If you don’t receive an offer, you’ll receive a full refund on your fees.

Additional Costs

Additional costs include a background check (cost varies by country) and a $185 USD fee to your local U.S. Embassy when you schedule your visa appointment. Lastly, you'll need to pay for your flights.

Refund Policy

Program and SEVIS fees are non-refundable once you have accepted and signed your job offer. Any insurance fees paid are refundable before your program start date. If your visa is denied, you will receive a 50% refund of the program fee and a complete refund of the insurance fee.

Our Promises

Travel agent with plane and poster decor

Travel + Flight assistance

Computer, clipboard, and woman with magnifying glass

Guidance and support throughout the entire process

Mobile phone and 24 hour icon

A 24/7 emergency helpline while you’re in the U.S.

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